How it came together

Gaining the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be successful as a leader in the building and project management environment, Ryno Herbst found himself ready in 2017 to to go his own way.

Exceptional Performance Contractors was borne out of Ryno’s desire to lead a contracting company that would harbour his ideals of highly skilled workmanship delivered by true professional craftsmen. Out of this vision a tightly knit team of like minded artisans have been working together to deliver a wide range of projects successfully.

Why Choose Us

As a professional service provider to all our clients we understand the trust and faith put into us. We uphold ourselves to our own high standards to only deliver the best quality work until the job is done.

We offer an extensive array of building services and for this reason the company was designed to ensure that whatever the project, a qualified tradesman attends to the specific project at hand. We have a team that comprises of staff that work directly for the company and an array of sub-contractors that have been tried and tested to produce only the best quality work.

Exceptional Performance Contractors is designed as a single point of contact for the client in all aspects of any project. This negates the client having to manage multiple sub contractors as we steer the operation to successful completion.  

Effective Team Work

Our staff is complemented by highly skilled sub contractors that have worked together on varied projects to make any job run smoothly to completion.    

Collective Experience

Our people have the combined knowledge of an array of projects to be dedicated, forward-thinking and fully committed to all our customers.  

High Quality Materials

Only the best product ranges are used and supplied. Be it hardware, general building products or finishing components.

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